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Apprenticeship Program Requirements

Apprentices are responsible for ensuring they progress through the Apprenticeship Program smoothly by following the Apprentice responsibilities set out below.

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  • Gain an understanding of your workplace and Employers expectations including use of proper equipment and safety standards.
  • Learn PLT Trade skills through work-based training and technical training.
  • Recording work-based hours daily in your Apprentice Log Book.
  • Completing and submitting Work Reports and Field Progress Assessments in a timely manner.
  • Attendance and passing grade in all technical training, as well as any other training required by your Employer.
  • Completing and submitting registration forms and paying for tuition and other costs associated with technical training.
  • Remembering to bring: (homework, manuals, text books, log books, tools, rain gear and safety equipment to school).
  • Promptly reporting to the JLATA and Local 258 IBEW of any changes in employment that effect Apprenticeship status and/or training and field experience, such as loss of driver’s license, sickness, injury, leave of absence, lay-offs or termination in employment).
  • Login to the database routinely to ensure your contact information, work-based hours and reports are accurate and up to date.

In addition, Apprentices must be prepared to relocate and work in any location where they can complete their practical training.

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