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Recommendation for Certification

Once all required work-based hours, technical training and any other program requirements have been completed and you pass the Inter-provincial Red Seal Examination the JLATA will send your Employer a Term 7 Evaluation to complete.

Certification Process is as Follows:

  1. Apprentice successfully completes all Apprenticeship Program Requirements.
  2. ITA send JLATA Recommendation for Certification Form for completion and submission.
  3. JLATA sends Employer Term 7 Evaluation Form for completion and submission.
  4. JLATA signs-off on Recommendation for Certification Form.
  5. ITA Processes the Recommendation for Certification Form and sends the Certificate of Qualification and Certificate of Apprenticeship for the JLATA to sign.
  6. ITA maintains a permanent file of your records of certification.

Sign-off on the Recommendation for Certification

The Recommendation for Certification Form is signed-off by the Chairman of the Board, the individual holding credentials eligible for sign-off authority.  By completing this form, the JLATA is attesting that the Apprentice is now working at the skill level of a certified journeyman.

The JLATA may decide not to recommend the Apprentice for certification.  In this case the JLATA will inform the ITA and provide the reasons and training plan to remedy the identified skill and knowledge deficiencies.  In addition, will suggest a future date for reconsideration.