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Training Guidelines


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Employer Apprenticeship Training Basics

Trades Trainees are employees in an entry-level position that is intended to provide job and crew support, exposure to the trade, and to provide the Trades Trainee with the knowledge and basic job skills to prepare for entry into the Apprenticeship Program.

This is a minimum of 6 months to 1 year probationary position to evaluate practical skills and complete academic program pre-requisites.

As an Employer, you are responsible for:

  • Determining if individual has the attributes to be successful in the PLT Apprenticeship Program.
  • The hiring and initial selection for the Trades Trainee Position.
  • Registering the Trades Trainee with the JLATA and Local 258 IBEW at the time of or prior to employment.
  • Providing the Trades Trainee with supervision, exposure to the PLT trade, basic knowledge and job skills to prepare them for entry into the Apprenticeship Program.
  • Reviewing Trades Trainee Log Books 
  • Completing Field Progress Assessments and Final Evaluation of Trades Trainee verifying the appropriate level of practical skills have been met for entry into the Apprenticeship Program.
  • Submitting to the JLATA, including but not limited to Contractor Ratio reports, Evaluations and Recommendation for Indentureship Forms.

Trades Trainee Program Pre-requisites checklist: Link

Apprentices are employees in training and, as such, Employers must be committed to actively promoting skill development by providing adequate field experience.

As an Employer you are responsible for:

  • Supervising, training and instructing as needed for the development of their skills to Journeyman level.
  • Ensure Apprentice has proper equipment and understands the safety standards of your workplace.
  • Allowing the Apprentice to be absent during their in school technical training.
  • Reviewing Apprentice Log Books and signing-off on Apprentice Monthly Work Reports. (Ensuring accuracy of hours and details of report).
  • Advancing  Apprentices in Term Level when notified by the JLATA of Term Advancement dates.
  • Submitting to the JLATA all required documentation, including but not limited to: Contractor Ratio reports, Field Progress Assessments with Term Status upgrade recommendation and Term 7 Final Evaluation of Apprentices.
  • Report to the JLATA and Local 258 IBEW of any changes to Apprentice Employment. Ie. Lay-off, Termination

Apprenticeship and Trades Trainee ratios are subject to annual manpower survey and analysis by the JLATA.

As per Appendix “C”  of the Master Line Agreement, in no circumstances shall Apprentice and Trades Trainee ratios violate BC Hydro, Works Safe BC or any other safety regulations that are in force at a specified work site or location.

Employer Guidelines:

  • Register Journeymen with the IBEW local 258
  • Supervise and Sign off on completion of 500 Live Line Hours
  • Coordinate PSSP Category 2, 3, and 5 training as applicable as well as Limits of Approach.

Requirements to work on BC Hydro System

  • Proof of 500 logged Live Line Hours, (a minimum of 300 hours in LL3 Phase)
  • PSSP Category 2, 3 are mandatory, while PSSP 5 authorizes right to SPG’s and Live Line permits
  • To be authorized to BC Hydro PSSP Category (5), Journeymen must provide proof of an IP Certificate and completion of 500 Live Line hours

Journeymen with NO IP or Red Seal Challenge Pathway

  • Register Journeymen with the IBEW Local 258
  • Verify completion of 9,525 documented hours of directly related experience working in the occupation including minimum 500 hours completed with a crew doing “Live Line” work.
  • Apply with Industry Training Authority to Challenge the Certification

Database Access:

Keep track of Apprentice progress and records online.  Employers are provided with access to the JLATA Apprenticeship Database.  Employers can view and keep track of:

  • Work Reports
  • Field Progress Assessments
  • Term Status – dates Apprentice term status will change
  • Top-out date; and
  • Technical Training – marks as they are received from the ITA